looks philosophical

This is what a philosopher looks like.


If you do a google image search for “philosopher” the results you get are mostly dead white guys. With beards. Who look a little grumpy. 

Our stereotypical image of a philosopher is an older, upper-class white man - probably one who smokes a pipe and wears tweed jackets with elbow patches (not that there’s anything wrong with that…) And while there certainly are philosophers who fit this stereotype, there are so very many who don’t. 

This blog is an effort to undermine the standard stereotype of what a philosopher looks like (inspired by a similar effort for the sciences). Philosophers come in a range of genders, colors, sizes, classes, ages, and levels of tweediness. Our discipline isn’t the rarefied domain of the sophisticated hyper-intellectual. It’s simply the domain of people who like to think about philosophy. And people who like to think about philosophy can look like…well, pretty much anything.